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Prayer by Leonard Cheshire

Prayer by Leonard Cheshire

As to your specific question, the total time to allot, each day divides itself into various forms of prayer. First is the more formal liturgical prayer, that is to say Mass and the Divine Office. I make it a habit to go to Mass each day, but if this is not possible, then I use my own Missal and read through the Mass privately. Intercessory prayer I regard as very important and I like to try and “visit” in imagination each of our Homes and the different projects and individuals with whom I am concerned. I do not linger on any one of them, still less enter into a dialogue, so to speak. My intention is to place myself consciously in the presence of God and then invite each Home or person in turn to sit quietly before Him. I find that this makes me feel much closer to those I am remembering, deepens my affection or love for them and actually gives me strength. The prayer of quiet is something apart and distinct from all the others. I set aside a period in the morning and a period in the evening, where possible three quarters of an hour each. Finally, there are devotions such as the Rosary or the Stations of the Cross.

Obviously, one should attempt to be praying in a different kind of way throughout the day, raising one’s mind briefly to God and little rules such as saying the briefest of prayers each time the telephone rings, or one enters a room and so on, can help form the habit. Scripture seems to call us to watch as well as to pray and seems to imply a difference between them. Watchfulness I look upon as being alert and open both for the promptings of the Holy Spirit and for the needs of one’s neighbour.

(Taken from “Child of My Love” by Sue Ryder)

There is a cause for the Canonisation of both Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire.

 Re:  Leonard Cheshire, anyone interested in the cause or wanting a prayer card should contact Fr James Fyfe, 69 queen's Rd, Wisbech, PE13 2PH. Details of answered prayers should be sent to: Leonard Cheshire Cause, c/o The White House, 21 Upgate, Poringland, Norfolk, NR14 7SH

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