Sunday, 7 January 2018

Child of My Love - I'm reading again. So inspiring!

This is a record of the life and achievements of Baroness Ryder of Warsaw, better known as Sue Ryder. During the war, she served with the highly secret Special Operations Executive, created by Winston Churchill to co-ordinate Resistance activities in German-occupied Europe, attached to the Polish sections of SOE. What she witnessed from that time to the end of the war - especially the selfless, cheerful courage of men embarking on the most hazardous of operations - left her determined to relieve the suffering of a devastated continent. In 1953, she formed the Sue Ryder Foundation, which has grown steadily in size and in the scope of the help it offers to people in need. She intended that it should be "a living memorial to the victims who suffer and die as a result of persecution."

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