Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Motivation and the Mind

How much do you want to lose weight? If it’s not a priority, if it’s not in fact THE priority, there’s little chance of achieving your weight loss goal. Actually you might achieve it but you won’t keep it off. You need to want to achieve a healthy body weight for life – not for an event or in the short term but forever.

Spend some time preparing your mind. Talk to yourself – ok maybe not in public. Ask yourself how much does it mean to you? What are the advantages of being “thinner”. Will you be able to fit comfortably in your clothes. Will you have more choice of clothes to wear.

Will you feel more confident? One of my motivators was after moving to Ireland for three years we travelled back and forth to the UK. Have you ever, as a larger person tried to squash into a Ryanair seat? How lovely was it to sit down next to my neighbour, window, middle or aisle seat and have room to spare and no problems with the seat belt.

Try and remember a time you were either embarrassed or frustrated at being big. Make that thought your motivator.

Weight loss begins in the mind.

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