Saturday, 30 December 2017

Menopause and how to manage it

Those of you who know me personally will no doubt have the  post-natal depression years etched in their memory. However, thankfully there have been no horror stories to report during my menopause experiences. Indeed, I have had a very smooth transition and at age 55  am perfectly average for a European female. 
I had regular periods up until age 53 then slight differences in length between cycles but was blessed in not suffering the heavier type of menstrual flow but rather lighter. The last year age 54-5, I did experience some hot flushes which were a strange experience but not too troublesome.

I think because I began a weight loss initiative at this time incorporating aerobic exercise and also healthy eating, that I was able to lessen any negative effects, both physically and mentally.

It is true to say that I have never felt better in my entire life. 

Check out NHS Choices for more info here

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