Friday, 29 December 2017

Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC

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Leonard Cheshire married Sue Ryder and before their wedding they composed this prayer:

Thou,O My God,
Who art infinite love,
Yet who hast called us to be perfect
Even as Thou art perfect,
Who so loved the world
That Thou hast given us Thine only begotten Son,
And hast thereby given us Thine all, Thine everything.
Who emptied Thyself of Thy Glory,
And was made obedient unto death,
Even the death of the Cross
For us.

To Thee
We offer our all, our everything
To be consumed in the unquenchable fire of Thy love.
We desire to love Thee even as Thy own Mother loved Thee.
To be generous as Thou Thyself was generous,
To give our all to Thee even as Thou hast given Thine to us.
Thou hast called us, O Lord, and we have found Thee,
In the sick, the unwanted and the dying,
And there we will serve Thee,
Unto death.

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