Monday, 14 March 2016

"how liable we all are to pride"

" I have told him not to break his head over all that, and that there is only one thing to be done: pray to God, since neither she nor I can help in any other way. But God, to whom it presents no difficulty, will bring us through as soon as He sees that we have suffered enough, and then you will recognize that you owe the successful issue neither to your own capabilities nor to your own intelligence, but to God alone, as I do with my Point d' Alencon. This is a very salutary conviction, as I know from experience.
       You know how liable we all are to pride, and I often notice that those who have made their fortune are, for the most part, intolerably self-sufficient. I do not say that either you or I would have come to that, but we should have been more or less soiled with this pride.. Then it is certain that unvarying prosperity draws men away from God. Never does He lead His chosen by that road; they must first pass through the crucible of suffering in order to be purified. You will say that I am preaching, but that is not my intention. I often ponder over these things and I am telling them to you. Call that a sermon now, if you like."

Mme. Martin to her brother, July 1872

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