Tuesday, 15 December 2015

From Vorisite to Barronite: Why I Left Church Militant

I can so relate to this young man's post. it is one of the pitfalls of conversion or when becoming more orthodox, to go about criticising other's Catholicism, faults, sins etc. Fortunately if we continue in this mindset even though we think we are helping the Church, God usually throws a few spanners in the works, or the banana skin Pope Francis talks about.

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From Vorisite to Barronite: Why I Left Church Militant

This is a very weird blog post for me. I never thought I would be the person to write something like this. After all, I've spent most of my five years being a faithful Catholic denouncing idiots who wrote these posts. I was a fervent daily watcher of Church Militant, and Michael Voris and others like him in Catholic news were my heroes. They were the revolutionaries who were going to save the Church from the jaws of the wolves in cardinal's clothing.

Through this influence, for four and a half of five years, I had an uncontrolled fiery passion for all things Catholic. I told people "the way it is," and if they didn't like it, take it up with God. For me, everything was black and white, Good Catholic vs. Bad Catholic. I believed the Body of Christ was 90% cancerous with modernist heretics and estrogen-filled men who wanted to dialogue with sin and falsehood, and it needed a good amputating so we could purify the Church.

In my mind, the Pope needed to excommunicate the vast majority of cardinals and bishops to save the Church from their evil teachings. Catholics both clerical and lay needed to be penalized and reformed. We needed to go back to mandatory kneeling and Eucharistic reception on the tongue, more Latin in Mass than the average Roman citizen could speak, and so much incense you couldn't see the person in front of you (I still wouldn't mind this one, mostly for the smell.)

also this from Pope Francis;

And if anyone has the habit – Francis said – of being judgmental, pointing to the defects of others and gossiping about them, then he is not a humble person. link


  1. The trouble with the Voris people seems to me to be that they have forgotten that the real Church Militant's job is to fight the World, the devil and the flesh. I suppose it's the frustration of being Yanks who generally turn up late for wars and then try to make up for it by being extra aggressive!


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