Monday, 19 October 2015

Synod is being distorted by critics, says Cardinal Wuerl

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The synod has no intention of changing Church teaching, Cardinal Wuerl said, so perhaps the charges or discontent are motivated by not liking the Pope or the way he calls people to live the Gospel. 
“I wonder if some of these people who are speaking, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes halfway implying, then backing off and then twisting around, I wonder if it is really that they find they just don’t like this Pope. I wonder if that isn’t part of it,” he said. 
“Pope Francis is calling for a Church that, to my mind, is much more in contact with the Gospel, with the living out of the Gospel. Not just the articulation of the Gospel, the voicing of the Gospel, the proclaiming of the Gospel, but the personal living of it,” he said. While many people find this approach “attractive,” he said, “for reasons known only to them, there are some who find this somewhat threatening.”

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