Sunday, 30 August 2015

Francis: beware those who claim to be “very Catholic”

Mea Culpa :(

"Pope Francis has strongly criticized Catholics who brag that they are perfect followers of the church’s teachings but then criticize or speak ill of others in their faith communities, saying they cause scandal and even offer a “counter-witness” to Jesus.
“We all know in our communities, in our parishes, in our neighborhoods how much hurt they do the church, and give scandal, those persons that call themselves ‘Very Catholic,’” the pontiff said Sunday.
“They go often to church, but after, in their daily life, ignore the family, speak ill of others, and so on,” he continued. “This is that which Jesus condemns because this is a Christian ‘counter-witness.’”
Francis was speaking Sunday in an off-the-cuff moment during his weekly Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square, which focused on one of Jesus’ teachings about the role of the proscribed laws of the faith of his time." Read more at link below:

Francis: beware those who claim to be “very Catholic”


  1. "Francis was speaking Sunday in an off-the-cuff moment..." -

    I think he was just making it up! I have never met anyone who claimed to be "very Catholic" just as I have never met any of these rigorist priests he is always criticizing.

  2. You must have lived a very sheltered life!


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