Friday, 27 March 2015

Why I didn’t sign the priests’ letter urging the synod to stand firm on marriage

Excellent Catholic Herald article here :

"In a world where everyone with a cause seeks to use social media to gain adherents, the cardinal might have anticipated that priests worried about the synod, and more generally about Pope Francis, would resort to the media. After all, priests, like others drawn to radical movements, often feel rather unempowered, and may excitedly jump on any bandwagon that promises them a taste of real influence."

Priests, never losing sight of the fullness of the priesthood which the bishops enjoy, must respect in them the authority of Christ, the Supreme Shepherd. They must therefore stand by their bishops in sincere charity and obedience. This priestly obedience, imbued with a spirit of cooperation is based on the very sharing in the episcopal ministry which is conferred on priests both through the Sacrament of Orders and the canonical mission. (Presbyterorum Ordinis, no. 7).

Excellent blog here FR Gareth Leyshon writes: (Reminding me of Newman.)

“Without wavering from those points which are firmly established as the Church’s unchanging moral teaching, please clarify those things which can usefully be clarified at this point in the Church’s development of doctrine.”

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