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It is dark, it is late, nobody is around, nobody except Nicodemus. He has heard and seen the remarkable things that Jesus is doing. Concerned that his friends might see him, yet unable to stay away Nicodemus comes; “How could anyone do what this Jesus does unless God has sent him”, he says to himself.
“I’m not religious”, “Catholics? Oh no sure they’re behind the times”, “look at the priests, no sign of poverty there”, “I suppose you could say that I am spiritual”….
How quickly the Gospel has been abandoned, how quickly God’s teaching has been ridiculed, how often the faults and failings of priests have been used as the excuse to wipe out the eternal message of Christ.   Where is Christ?   Where are the Sacraments? Where are the commandments of God in my home?   Do I, like Nicodemus, come secretly and silently to Church?   Do I keep my beliefs hidden, or do I come half-heartedly, coming but with the same old criticisms and negativity of those who don’t come at all?
Still, I come.   What is the attraction of this Jesus for me?   What keeps me coming?   Perhaps, at least, by just coming my Faith might be strengthened and like Nicodemus Jesus’ love for me and my somewhat half-hearted desire to love him will help me and mine to be, someday, his loyal followers.
Turning Our Hearts to the Lord – Scripture Sharing Group Resource, Lent 2015, Week 4
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