Sunday, 22 February 2015

We Have Been Friends Together & Adventures in Grace: Memoirs

Would love to read this.

More on the Maritains here

225 I enter into the presence of God with all my load of misery and troubles. And He takes me just as I am and makes me to be alone with Him.

God is very indulgent to souls who run towards him, even if they happen to fall heavily on the way… provided they promptly get up again and cry out to him.

236 All this has been given to us first of all to live, each according to his nature and according to God’s grace.

239 …we have, under the action of grace and through the travail of the soul, to leave our bounded heart for the boundless heart of God. This is truly dying to ourselves.

356 …my soul, of its own accord, tends inward, towards obscurity and rest in God.
…in the mystical life God acts by a very special infusion of his grace which leads him sometimes to enlighten our mind, sometimes to kindle our will, sometimes to strengthen our heart, or to give us simultaneously supernatural light, ardour and strength, or to let us be aware only of the destruction of our human mode of acting, of our impotence, our nothingness.

 (quotes from Raissa's Journal here).

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