Sunday, 8 February 2015

During this Lent

(February 24, 1909)

During this Lent:

Prayer  - that is, my precious Communions, Holy Mass,
 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, meditation, liturgical prayers.

Fasting –   that is, the abstinence prescribed for me, mortifications
Accepted or voluntary, sufferings sent by God, sacrifices.
Abstinence  above all from pride, egotism, and sensuality.

Alms -   of money, but still more of time, trouble, my personal
Satisfaction (given for the benefit of others), my intelligence,
My heart, and my home. Almsgiving of words, smiles,
Cheerfulness, and sweetness.

  Great calm and reserve; silence always about myself and my
Concerns.    A spirit of reparation.

Humble and complete renunciation of all honour, joy and
Success, even in spiritual things and in my work for souls.

( Resolutions  “The Secret Diary of Elizabeth Leseur”  Sophia Institute Press )

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  1. She is so special. I need to read her writings again. Thanks for reminding me about her.


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