Saturday, 17 January 2015

"Humanae Vitae"


  1. At the risk of being seen as just joining in a mutual admiration society .... But I did just love this post. A case of pictures saying far more than words ....

    I have long thought that, though Humanae Vitae was much controverted when first issued, the Successors of Peter have been unwavering in their faithfulness to its teaching, and that not just in a dogmatic manner but by way of their own particular intellectual and pastoral gifts. A sign of the action of the Holy Spirit ... Between your two pictures stand John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI ....

  2. Thanks Joe. Humanae Vitae was/is the single most important document I have read & the attempt to live out it's teachings been a source of incredible grace for my family. I attest it is what has "saved" my family when undergoing serious difficulties serious difficulties.Deo gratias.


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