Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Sins That Come From Being a Busybody – A Meditation on a Teaching of St. Gregory

DinahFaults in others I can see, but praise the Lord there’re none in me!
The term “busybody” usually refers to one who is intent on the matters of others but looks little to his own issues. Busybodies also tend to focus especially on the faults, foibles, and troubles of other folks. Seldom are they chattering away about good news related to other people; more often it is the scurrilous and scandalous that occupy their minds.
Merriam-Webster online defines a busybody as  “a person who is too interested in the private lives of other people.” It is a form of sinful curiosity.
Now personally I have never been a busybody, but I have known many of them … :-)  But more seriously, this is a human problem. Many of us are far too interested in things that are really none of our business. That alone is problem enough. But the problem is compounded in that the busybody is almost always too little concerned about his own ”issues” (we used to call them sins). When our attention to, fascination with, or scorn about sin is directed outward, we lose the proper introspection that properly examines our own need for repentance. The pointed index finger too easily ignores the three folded fingers pointing back at oneself, and those three fingers symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit urging us to look to our own vineyard.
Indeed, Scripture says, They made me keeper of the vineyards; but, my own vineyard I have not kept! (Song 1:6) For we who would be prophets too easily ignore the word of God as directed to our own souls.
Source here continue reading by Mgr Charles Pope

I think this is a common problem with bloggers, especially fairly new bloggers in the first flush of blogdom. It's also a common zeal of the newly converted or zealous mother who is going to raise the perfect Catholic family & put the Bishops right. :) Over time though after 10 years or so of blogging one hopefully learns by ones mistakes & sins.- hopefully!

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