Friday, 5 December 2014

More Catholic Than the Pope: An Inside Look at Extreme Traditionalism

"More Catholic Than the Pope is the only book that examines and critiques the claims of seven aggressive, aberrant Traditionalist groups that have proven so effective in luring Catholics from the Church. These are the sects that relentlessly argue the pope has "lost the Faith" and "abandoned Tradition." The ones that boldly claim or strongly imply they are "more Catholic" than the current Vicar of Christ on earth because they - and not he - have remained faithful to Traditional Catholicism. It can be difficult to distinguish defenders from defectors. Many traditionalist schisms that have sprung up since the Second Vatican Council are filled with devotion to the Blessed Mother; they remain extremely conservative with regard to most moral issues afflicting the western world today; and they practice a strict reverence before the Blessed Sacrament during their traditional Latin liturgies. It can be easy to sympathize with such seemingly devout but truly disaffected Catholics. Now More Catholic Than the Pope examines one such group - the Society of St. Pius X - and explains how its prime architect and figurehead, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and his followers chose to cut themselves off from the Church. Here is the history of the Society, from its beginning in France, to its rise and fall within the Catholic Church, to Pope John Paul Il's fraternal but ultimately fruitless efforts at reconciliation. Here, too, carefully laid out, are the clear, concise, canonical answers to the issues the Society's members continue to raise and the arguments they still offer." Amazon review

I wish I'd read this years ago! They can be dangerous at luring young people & others in under the guise of orthodoxy.I had a narrow escape.


  1. Count your blessings. Don't forget to throw in a judgmental attitude of those "more Catholic than the Pope."
    I've found that some Catholic blogs carry an air of that, but Jackie, yours is not one of those.

  2. The Latin Mass and all its trappings can become idols just as easily as money, etc. Although the Latin Mass is beautiful and reverent, love for God and our neighbour should always be more important than being 'right' and being rigid. It's all about balance.


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