Saturday, 6 December 2014

All from God

You know well that even the smallest cross and happening of your life is part of our Blessed Lord's plan for your sanctification. It is not easy, I know, to look at things in this light. But one can train the will to look upon the act of others, even their sinful acts in as much as they concern ourselves, as coming from the hand of God. There is so much real holiness and so very much solid happiness and peace and contentment in this little principle, that I am very anxious you should try and acquire it, so that nothing may really ruffle the peace of your soul. Don't think this is easy, it is not: and you will fail time after time in your efforts, but with perseverance, steady progress will be made.
" A Year's Thoughts" Collected from the writings of William Doyle (by William Joseph Gabriel Doyle Forgotten Books Publishers.)

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