Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Remembering Fr Paul Mary Vota MJ

One Step Ahead, Fr. Paul Vota, MJ (1951-2009)
by Fr. Thomas Cahill, MJ, Sirsi, India
Editor’s Note: After struggling with cancer for two and a half years, Fr. Paul Vota, MJ, passed away November 26th, 2009. Fr. Vota helped many people in their journey toward Christ. During his last few weeks before his death, Fr. Vota repeatedly expressed his desire to see God. Among many other accomplishments, Fr. Vota co-authored the Litany for Unity, a communal prayer asking God the Father to grant the whole Church that unity which his Son implored for us at the last supper. Now we entrust Fr. Vota into the hands of our Father and know that he will intercede for all the members of Miles Jesu in a powerful way to help us attain and hold fast to that unity we need in our faith family.
Fr. Paul VotaIt was night in the Miles Jesu orange grove in Phoenix. He was in the moonlight, i was shaded under a tree in the orange grove. Paul was only one step away from me...
Fr. Vota always seemed one step ahead. On my birthdays, i would tell him, “we’re the same age now,” and six weeks later he’d say, “not any more!” Before we met, each of us had done a stint in Berkeley, California, a place at the time (late 60’s, early 70’s) that symbolized the radical severing of roots, rearing and religion. Paul arrived there first and got out of there first. He clipped his waist-long locks, stopped his chants to the guru and followed our Lord’s call to Baseline Road in Phoenix. He was well settled there by the time i strolled in still unsheared. He became my guardian angel guiding me into the new world of consecrated life with its rules and regulations—a life so different from what i had been used to!
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