Thursday, 13 November 2014

Humility of Heart

“ Self-knowledge is a great help for acquiring humility; but in the midst of the many passions, faults and vices of which we are aware, to recognise our own pride is the most useful of all. For this vice is the most shameful of all. And even in our Confessions, it is more difficult for us to say truthfully: 2 I accuse myself of being proud and of not seriously trying to correct this fault, “ than to accuse ourselves of many other sins. This knowledge of our pride is most humiliating; for where certain other vices may be pitied and excused for some reason or other, pride can never be pitied or excused, being a sin which is diabolical and odious, not only to God, but to men – as the Inspired Word says; “ Pride is hateful before God and men. “ (Ecclus 10:7)

Let us therefore examine ourselves daily on this point; let us accuse ourselves of it in our Confessions, and acknowledging our pride in this manner will be an excellent incentive to become humble. Let us pray to Jesus Christ that He may do for us as He did for the blind man whom he healed, and ask Him to put the mud of pride upon our eyes so that we may be made to see. Let us say to God: “ thou art my God, that God who “ raiseth up the needy from the earth and lifteth up the poor out of the dunghill,” (Ps: 112:7), grant that this pride which is my great sin may through thee serve as an instrument by which I may attain to a virtuous humility!”

“Humility of Heart” by Fr Cajetan Mary da Bergamo 

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