Monday, 17 November 2014

Grounded in mercy – Catholic Spiritualty

Grounded in mercy – Catholic Spirituality

It seems to me that some critics of the present Holy Father have a less than authentic grasp of Catholic teaching on the spiritual life.

They seem to  miss the point of Francis’s pontificate. I find his approach in total  conformity with Catholic tradition. Everytime I read from the Saints I am reminded of this.

Today I find Pope Francis, Theresian: ( Btw anyone who finds St Therese saccharine has entirely misunderstood her life).

“ Since it has been given to me too, to understand the love of the Heart of Jesus, I own that it has chased all fear from mine! The remembrance of my faults humiliates me, and urges me not to depend on my own strength which is nothing but weakness: still more does this remembrance speak to me of mercy and love. When, with all filial confidence we cast our faults into the devouring furnace of love, how should they be not totally consumed? “

That joy to think that God is just, that is to say, that He takes our weakness into consideration, that He thoroughly knows the frailty of our nature. Of what then, should I be afraid? Must not the good and infinitely just God, who with such tender mercy deigns to pardon the Prodigal Son, must He not be just towards  me too – who am always with Him? (Luke 15:31)

Truly the Heart of Jesus is more grieved by the thousand little imperfections of His friends than by even grave faults of His enemies.

See for yourself if the greatest sinner on earth, at the hour of death repent of his transgressions, and inspire in an act of love, immediately, without calculating on the one hand the numerous graces abused by this unhappy man, nor on the other, all his crimes, Jesus sees nothing, counts nothing, but the penitent’s last prayer, and delays not to receive him into the arms of His mercy.
But to render Him thus blind, to hinder Him from doing the least little bit of reckoning, we must know how to lay siege to His Heart, at that point He is defenceless..”

" To want to persuade our Sisters that they are in the wrong, even when it is perfectly true, is hardly fair, as we are not responsible for their guidance. We must not be Justices of the peace, but only angels of peace. "

All quotes from: “Thoughts of St Therese” Tan Publishers

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