Thursday, 6 November 2014

"A Transport of Love"

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Jesus is the most loving of lovable friends - there never was a friend like Him before, there never can be one to equal Him, because there is only one Jesus in the whole wide world and the vast expanse of Heaven: and that sweet and loving friend, that true lover of the holiest and purest love is my Jesus, mine alone and all mine. Every fibre of His divine nature is thrilling with love for me, every beat of His gentle Heart is a throb of intense affection for me, His Sacred arms are round me. He draws me to His breast, He bends down with infinite tenderness over me, His child, for He nows I am all His and He is all mine. In His eyes the vast world, the myriads of other souls have all vanished; He has forgotten them all, - for that brief moment they do not exist - not even the infinite love of God Himself who is not enough to pour out on the soul who is clinging so lovingly to Him.

O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! who would not love You, who would not give their heart's blood for You, if only once they realised the depth and the breadth and the realness of Your burning love? Why then not make every human heart a burning furnace of love for You, so that sin would become an impossibility, sacrifice a pleasure and a joy, virtue the longing of every soul, so that we should live for love, dream of love, breathe Your love, and at last die of a broken heart of love, pierced through and through with the shaft of love, the sweetest gift of God to man.

"A Year's Thoughts - collected from the Writings of William Joseph Gabriel Doyle SJ" (Forgotten Books - Classic Reprint Series)

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