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This union will be impossible without complete abandonment to God’s pleasure in all the little worries of your life. Do whatever you think is most for His glory….and then calmly watch Him upset all and apparently bless your efforts with failure, and even sins on the part of others. I have long had the opinion that your over-anxiety to keep things right or prevent uncharitableness which has caused you a good deal of worry, is not pleasing to God and prevents Him from drawing you closer in His love “ Non in commotion Dominus. “ 1 Labour, then, with might and main to keep your soul in peace, put an abounding trust in abounding trust in His loving goodness. If you live in Jesus and Jesus in you, striving to make each little action, each morsel of food, every word of the Office etc  an act of love to be laid at His feet as dwelling in your heart, you will certainly please Him immensely and fly to perfection.

As regards this union with Our Lord, it is really nothing more than a blending of our will with His, in such a way that we wish only what He wishes..
I would advise you to avoid worry and anxiety which always show that self is still strong and that the human will is not completely dead.
Fr William Doyle SJ January 1912

(Father William Doyle SJ by O' Rahilly- Classic Reprint Series Forgotten Books)

1.       “ The Lord is not in the earthquake.” 3 Kings 19, 11

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