Saturday, 6 September 2014

Let that be true for me

Let that be true for me

Monsignor Graham Leonard wrote the following prayer:

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven
Father, I know that you love me,
For you have shown me Yourself in Christ, my Lord;
I see You on the Cross
I know Your presence is everywhere, sustaining, guiding and directing me;
Father, I accept Your love and in response ask two things:
Deliver me from evil of trying to use You to serve my ends,
For I am made for You and You for me.
May I see Your will for me and seeing it
Embrace it as my true and sovereign Good;
Give me the vision to see that when I hear the call to leave this world,
I shall bring nothing  save my friendship with Yourself
Which You have given me.
My hands will be empty if I have not responded to Your love
And made friendship with you my one and chief concern
Besides which all else has no abiding worth.
My possessions, my talents and my body-
What are they but gifts from You to be returned,
As means through which I learn to be your friend.
I need not fear; I see my lord transfigured on the Mount
And I know that he who lives with God is not destroyed,
But through the passion and the risen life,
United by the spirit with Your Son,
In glory radiant with Love will come to share
Your ceaseless, perfect life of love and peace.
My God, my all, Let that be true for me.
Only if it be so I can bring others to Your love. Amen. 

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