Thursday, 25 September 2014

10 ways you know you’re in rural Ireland

This sums up our experience!

Waving: everyone waves at you in rural Ireland. Complete strangers are also likely to say hello to you as you pass them on the street, so don’t be surprised when it happens. The Dublin habit of staring straight ahead as you walk past a fellow human on an empty street does not apply outside the capital. As you drive along an Irish country road make sure to keep your hand at the top of the steering wheel as you will need to flick your finger up quickly as you pass other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, sheep etc. Even if you don’t know them. Young men driving vans use “the wave” which is particular to their sort. It is where they hold up the back of their hand as if some awful grease were dripping off the end of their fingers. It means “hello”.
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10 ways you know you’re in rural Ireland


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