Friday, 1 August 2014

The Sinners Guide to blogging

The Sinners Guide to blogging

A wise priest once said to me “I think self denial in self expression is important”. Does this then rule out the oftentimes confessional nature of blogging? Maybe. I’m not sure.

Things I’ve learned:

If you don’t like someone’s hairstyle, lack of hair or hair colour best not comment.

If you think someone’s fat, ugly, or whatever it’s time to look in the mirror.

If people try and up their stats don’t assume it’s to make money – maybe it’s to spread the good news.

Remember we are all of us sinners.

Some of us know something about the Catholic Church.

None of us knows all.

A blog is just one person’s opinion.

Bloggers can be wrong.

Another thing the wise priest said to me “ There comes a time when the best is the enemy of the good. “

Another priest said to me “ what’s a blog? “


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