Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Catholic Ireland & stuff

We are loving living in Ireland. Our experience this far has been of packed churches, even in the countryside; many families with lots of children; everyone is reverent in the Mass; all speak the responses - quickly!; all go to Holy Communion reverently, receiving standing, on the tongue or in the hand ; all the congregation are Catholic; the funerals are packed; the death notices are read out on the radio 4 times a day; the Angelus bell sounds in churches, on the radio & TV. Having ones house blessed is normal. 

It has been reported in The Tablet here that in a speech given in Melbourne, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin  had warned conservative and progressive Catholics against becoming "closed in" within their own ideas.
Some traditionalists seem to be upset with this. Having reflected quite a lot on the Catholic Church, all my adult life, it has been my experience that what Archbishop Martin is saying has some wisdom and truth.

A lot of commentators have not lived with Catholicism all of their lives. They have not experienced for themselves the sometimes narrow confines, rigidity, fear, control, guilt of pre -Vatican 2 Catholicism in Ireland & the UK. They are viewing before the Council, through rose-tinted spectacles. The supreme Pontiff of post-Vatican 2 times has now become someone to ignore or even mock by many pseudo-Catholics.

There can be no return in history. We are at a merciful time in the Church. A time to reflect, to repent & put right. It is our tradition to have Latin & ceremonial.It is right that our Liturgy be reverent. I always understood that Catholics believed in Scripture & Tradition. Before I left England, I noticed a trend or as the Pope says "fashion" of some young women to wear flowing head garments which kept needing adjusting throughout the Mass. 

We, however, as girls, were forced to put up our anorak hoods in Church by a teacher who used to threaten us with allsorts if we could not recount the Gospel reading on Monday morning, proving we had attended Mass. We were probably 5 or 6 at the time. Btw I was born in 1962 same as the Missal err.

The educated young women of today maybe do not understand that women were not always honoured & respected as they should have been. They did not have elegant mantillas & headcoverings but scarves more like Hilda Ogdens & they had to wear them. On that note, I will finish - for now!

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  1. I have moved beyond all this progressive and traditional pigeon hoing. When a question arises I ask "What did Jesus s?" This apparently makes me a fundamentlist. Yes, there were very exacting teachers around but the majority were not cruel or viscious and I wo0lud rather have them today than those who could not care less what a child believes and since only 4 out of 100 chidren retain a link with the church after school these are in the majority

  2. Thanks John for commenting - keep the faith :)

  3. Jackie,
    Glad to see you back blogging. I wish you all the blessings and success that this work entails.
    I think labeling people only leads to pigeon-holing them. At the heart of things, we're all brothers and sisters and children of God.
    With prayers,


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