Sunday, 24 August 2014

“ But you,” he said “ who do you say I am? “

“ But you,” he said “ who do you say I am? “  (Mt 16 : 13-20)

When I used to teach RE I used to ask the pupils who or what they thought God was like? Some used to say a policeman, a caretaker, a father, a teacher and so on. When Jesus asked the disciples “ who do people say the Son of Man is?” He received various answers – John the Baptist, Elijah or one of the prophets.

If He was to ask us individually, right now, who would we say Jesus was?  What does He look like? To me personally, He looks very much like images of the Sacred Heart. I remember  an old lady telling me she did not like the Sacred Heart pictures as a child, finding it frightening. She chose not to have such images as an adult. I notice a friend describing some of the images as “florid.” I like them.

Is Jesus a friend for us, our God, our Saviour,  “ the Son of the living God ” as St Peter confesses? Do we find Him a Judge, a harsh taskmaster? Are we frightened of Him? Do we even know Him? Do we feel we have to make certain devotions, litanies, penances & sacrifices before we know who He is? Or do we rather wish to make reparation for our many sins out of love for Him rather than fear?

Pictures by my daughter Katherine Parkes.


  1. Love the pictures - beautifully done! Please thank your daughter from me.


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