Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Breaking the Code of Silence: The Irish and Drink

By Dr. Garrett O'Connor, Contributor
February / March 2012

“Drinking in Ireland is not simply a convivial pastime, it is a ritualistic alternative to real life, a spiritual placebo, a fumble for eternity, a longing for heaven, a thirst for return to the embrace of the Almighty.”
– John Waters

We Irish are known for being courageous, compassionate, spiritual, creative, difficult, resourceful, witty, sad,  lovable, clannish, hot headed, devious, self-destructive and brilliant. Sociologists agree that we have been the most successful and accomplished immigrant group in the United States, with the possible exception of the Jews. Since our arrival in the U.S. in the early 1700s we have excelled in business, education, medicine, the law, religion, the military, entertainment, construction, professional sports, and, last but certainly not least, politics and organized crime.

For all that success, it is sad to say that we are still known as a race of drunks. Read more here

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