Thursday, 14 August 2014

Anglicanism & Isis & The Truth About the Crusades

It seems as though Latin Mass Chairman, Joseph Shaw, has caused a bit of a stir in his recent posts on Anglicanism & Isis here and here .

I think the biggest problem with this discussion is the timing, although it might be considered an opportune time newswise. Also it is 16th Century Anglicanism he is talking about, which I suppose is obvious  to the educated, but for simple people seeing the link could cause distress. Modern day Anglicans or Catholics for that matter don't go round beheading people.

I used to belong to The Continuity Movement run by Miles Jesu of which I was also a member. They did stirling work. I remembered they had featured an article on The Crusades & found it online here. It is written by Fr Nicholas Schofield and can be read in full in Faith Magazine here "The Crusades: Seeking the Truth."

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